Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) Services

Director Michael Hughes, former Director of Fluor Corporation’s Pittsburgh office for steel, aluminum and other metallurgical plant construction operations. We represent owners, financial institutions and contractors.

  1. Due Diligence Evaluations of EPC and General Contractor capabilities proposals and plans
    Note: While our main focus is large-scale construction projects steel, metals, mining, we also have significant experience in large-scale construction project analysis and independent engineer advisory services in the pharmaceutical industry, automotive projects, heavy process industry as well as schools and large-scale commercial projects.
  2. Independent Engineer Services
    a. Capabilities
    b. Schedule
    c. Project Cost Estimate Overview
    d. Risk Factors
    e. Plant Layout
    f. Commissioning Activities (cold and hot)
    g. Scope creep management
    h. Construction milestone cost monitoring and management
    i. Experienced expert witness in construction legal issues
  3. Construction / Project Schedule Analysis
    a. Assessment of Schedule Accuracy
    b. Is the Forecast to Complete date Achievable ?
    c. Identify Risks within the Schedule.
  4. Construction Operations Risk Assessments
    a. Commercial Viability of Projects
    b. Liquidated Damages
    c. Guarantee vs. Warranty
    d. Spare Parts
    e. Operations and Maintenance Manual Review
  5. EPC and General Contractors contract language overview from an engineer’s perspective assessing key issues such as:
    a. Substantial Completion
    b. Delay Liquidated Damages and Incentive Bonus
    c. Recovery Plans
    d. Change Order Management
    e. Application of Unit Prices
    f. Transfer of Title, Risk of Loss
    g. Correction of defective Work
    h. Definitions: Mechanical Completion, Commissioning Activities, etc.