IoT in the Industrial Sector

Metal Strategies Inc. has in-depth experience in the use of IoT for product development and improving and optimizing process. With Amazon, Microsoft and Google offering very reliable and affordable cloud services that include cutting edge tools to analyze data more and more companies are looking to migrate or use hybrid platforms for IT departments. However, IoT to solve engineering problems, or core business of an industrial company is rare. Our goal is to address this need. We offer:

  • In-depth research of the value that can be derived from IoT (that are NOT IT infrastructure related)
  • M&A, lead advisory services
  • Feasibility studies in Metals, Chemicals and other manufacturing activities
  • Bankable due diligence, technical, commercial and strategic studies
  • Moving to Industry 4.0

Examples of Recent Projects

  • Koch Industries uses heat exchangers in Chemical Plants where the water quality is critical to the smooth operation¬† of heat exchanger. We enabled the filtration equipment as an IoT device, added sensors upstream (from the river) and downstream (to the processing equipment) and then used cloud solution to visualize the full operation
  • Converting cold storage systems into an IoT enabled solution in the healthcare industry where various regulatory bodies require continuous monitoring of freezers/refrigerators remotely with the ability to control them for certain functions. Integrating a RS485 interface to the cloud was the key insight to make it in to a smart equipment
  • Strategic consulting with Hitachi to ascertain which Hitachi business is ready to convert their business and products into IoT