Christopher Plummer

Christopher Plummer – President & CEO, Metal Strategies Inc.

Chris has been Managing Director and Chief Steel, Metals and Mining Industry Consultant for Metal Strategies Inc., a leading international management consulting company in the field of steel, metals and mining since February 1998. He and the firm provide a wide range of advisory and consulting services including techno-economic feasibility studies, merger and acquisition strategy and analysis, project financing due diligence, for the steel, metals and mining, financial, raw materials and major end-using. Mr. Plummer is one of the most widely-known steel, metals and mining industry analysts with over 30 years of experience including over 350 major international steel conference presentations, many as keynote speaker. He holds an MBA with PhD course work in International Finance and Business Strategy from the Fox Business School of Temple University. His current and previous positions include the following:

  • CEO and Managing Director, Metal Strategies Inc. since February 1998
  • Managing Director and Senior Vice President, World Steel and Metals Consulting for the 400-member CRU International (Commodity Research Unit) – London (6 years)
  • Managing Director and Senior Vice President of World Steel and Metals Industry Practice for Chase Manhattan Bank – Chase Econometrics World Business Consulting and Forecasting Unit. (5 years)
  • Managing Director, World Steel, Metals and Mining Consulting for Standard & Poor’s DRI-WEFA (now Global Insight) the world’s leading and largest business analysis and forecasting company, founded by 1981 Nobel Economics Laureate Lawrence Klein. (4 years)