Feliz Bello

Felix Bello
Strategic Sourcing/Supply Chain Consulting Specialist

Mr. Bello joined Metal Strategies in 2019 as a strategic sourcing/supply chain specialist. Mr. Bello has extensive, high-level work experience in should-cost modeling, cost-reduction strategy, contract structure and negotiation, and relationship management.

Immediately prior to joining Metal Strategies, Mr. Bello worked at Honda Aircraft Company as budget controller and principal coordinator of supply chain specializing in aluminum, chemicals and consumables during his tenure.

At John Deere, he led steel supply chain standardization, consolidation and rationalization, and established the company’s steel re-sale program. At Deere-Hitachi, the most profitable joint business unit of John Deere Corp., Mr. Bello’s role was optimizing the company’s raw and semi-finished materials, and metal fabrication supply base.

Early on in his career, Mr. Bello served as a steel and steel trade case specialists at the U.S. International Trade Commission. While there and among numerous other functions, Mr. Bello represented the U.S. in steel, metals and industrial trade missions and advised the U.S. federal executive branch on Asia and Latin America steel issues.