Michael F. Hughes

Michael F. Hughes – Managing Director, Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) Construction Strategies, unit of Metal Strategies

Michael Hughes is Metal Strategies Senior Consultant on industrial construction EPC construction project oversight and milestone management.  Prior to joining Metal Strategies, Michael spent most of his career as senior industrial projects manager for Fluor (Fluor Enterprises – headquarters in Greenville, SC) one of the world’s leading major construction project engineering companies. Michael is an Associate Member of the American Bar Association (ABA).  The following are selected examples of major industrial construction projects that Michael has managed:

  • Braidy Industries, Aluminum Manufacturing Facility, Ashland, Ky. Hughes has led Metal Strategies team in numerous Due Diligence Evaluations / reports over the past 17 months from Oct. 2017 thru Feb. 2019. Our evaluations and reports consists of the following:
  1. Due Diligence Evaluation February 2019.
  2. EPC Construction Schedule Analysis.
  3. Equipment Completion and Ramp-Up Analysis.
  4. Commercial, Competitive and Business Model Analysis.
  5. Evaluation of Braidy’s competitor’s product line and EBITDA potential Dec. 2018.
  6. Operating Risk Overview- Engineering Perspective, October 2018.
  7. Independent Engineering Report, September 2018.
  8. EPC Contractor Summary. (Capabilities, Schedule, Estimate, Risk Factors)
  9. EPC Contractor Detail. (Task Orders, Post Bid Follow-up, Contract Language)
  10. Plant Review.
  11. Braidy Atlas Physical Plant Project Overview Summary.
  12. Braidy Atlas Plant Layout Comments.
  13. Process Flow Chart.
  14. EPC Lessons Learned, October 2017.
  • Mercuria Energy Trading S. A., Mesabi Metallics Iron Ore Facility, EPC Cost to Complete (CTC). Hughes led Metal Strategies team in a four (4) month Due Diligence Evaluation of an Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) Cost to Complete during Q4 of 2018 for Mercuria Energy from Geneva, Switzerland. The $2.6 billion, 7.0 million-ton Iron Ore Facility was the former Essar ESML mine and pellet operation in the Mesabi Range in Nashwauk MN. Our evaluations consisted of the following components:
  1. Evaluated four (4) different Cost to Complete (CTC) estimates, high-lilted Metal Strategies conclusions and presented our own CTC estimate.
  2. EPC Overall Project Risks.
  3. Project Construction Execution Strategy.
  4. Mesabi Metallics Company Limited (MMCL) Staffing-Engineering Capabilities.
  5. Procurement Status.
  6. Project Schedule.
  7. Project Execution Strategy.
  • Essar ESML $2.2 billion, 7.0 million-ton iron ore project. Hughes led Metal Strategies team in a two-year, detailed monthly on-site evaluation of construction milestone progress and certification metrics and related cost overrun assessment for lenders on Essar’s ESML iron ore mine and pellet operation in the Mesabi Range in Nashwauk MN through 2016. Metal Strategies was also retained to conduct mechanical completion certification which never transpired as the project developers ran out of funds.
  • Construction Manager for the installation, at Allegheny Technologies Inc., of the world’s most advanced and expensive hot strip mill ever built ($1.5 billion). This was the largest single investment in ATI’s history as a 100-year-old steel mill. Construction for this project was within an existing brown-field site with numerous challenges regarding space and logistics. This new hot rolling facility brought Allegheny Ludlum into the 21st century for production of a wide variety of flat roll stainless steels, silicon, titanium and zirconium metals, etc.
  • S. Steel Clairton Coke Works and associated US Steel Mon Valley facilities. Accountable for developing/managing maintenance blanket order and lump sum projects.
  • Alcoa: Lake Charles, LA; Project Director for the rebuild for the South Anode Carbon Bake furnace.  Completed per schedule and under budget with no recordable safety issues.  This project included all new refractory, new anode conveying material handling equipment, new ring main (duct work), new piping, electrical and new controls along with installing new crane cabs in both furnace tending cranes. Managed all environmental issues.
  • Carpenter Technology Corporation: Reading, PA, Project Director; Managing a $180 million partnership and started an alliance relationship with Carpenter Technology resulting in multiple projects. Developed on-site purchasing, cost and accounting systems, paid all invoices for client.  This EPCM approach to services permitted Carpenter Technology to focus resources at their plant and corporate levels on their core competencies of making steel and minimizing costs.
  • Bethlehem Steel: Sparrows Point, MD: Project Manager; Developed the Scope of Work for this US Steel mini-mill while working closely with a UK Team and the client to meet current production needs.  Project responsibilities included managing all mill equipment from Voest-Alpine Industrieanlagenbau (VAI), from transportation logistics, off-site mill building to field construction.
  • Bethlehem Steel: Burns Harbor, IN Project Manager; Managed the construction and engineering of the steel pulverizing coal injection project, which was a $102 million collaboration project in alliance with the Department of Energy to define a more efficient method of operating the BOF via coal injection into the tuyere of the furnace.
  • Alcan Aluminum Alliance: Oswego NY; Project Manager/Senior Project Engineer for the following projects: Spray Bar Systems, Profile Gauge Aluminum Rolling at four-stand finishing mill, Casting Detection Facility, GE Stilton Drives on the reversing/finishing hot mill, Recovery Well Water Remediation, High Speed Slitting Process Line, Hot Rolling Mill revamp/modernization program, New Aluminum Recycling expansion facility.
  • ArcelorMittal, Monessen Coke Plant. Managed lump sum contract for new 30” Natural Gas Line System.
  • BASF, Evans City, PA: Responsible for developing / managing capital and maintenance projects, insuring contractor compliance