Ron Harma

Senior Iron Ore and Mining Technical Processing Specialist

Since 2002, Ron has provided consulting services independently and through Metal Strategies for many existing operations and planned projects in iron ore, iron and steel, ferroalloys, manganese, copper and industrial minerals. These services include plant and process design, processing improvements, technical audits, due diligence and SEC audits. Project locations have been in Brazil, Uruguay, Siberia, The Ukraine, China, Europe, Africa, Mexico and the remainder of North America.

Ron was formerly with Cliffs Natural Resources and subsidiary companies from l978 to 2001 where he held the following key positions:

  • Director – International Project Development, 1997-2001
  • Senior Technical Project Manager, l99l-l997
  • General Manager Research and Development, l987-l99l
  • Manager Central Services, l986-l987, Ishpeming, Michigan
  • Manager of Research and Development, l984-l986, Ishpeming, Michigan
  • Research and Development Positions, l978-l984, Ishpeming, Michigan

Ron holds the following degrees from Michigan Technological University, Houghton, Michigan::

  • Bachelor of Science, Metallurgical Engineering
  • Master of Science, Metallurgical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science, Engineering Administration