Steel, Metals Data and Forecasts

  • Time series data rapid request fulfillment (steel or aluminum sheet shipments and prices, 2000 to forecast 2030) one-off, low-cost basis easily by credit card, on a data "a la carte" basis - exactly and only what you want, when you need it
  • Steel Business PlannerTM subscription service:
    • Pricing: monthly updates and annual forecasts of US and world steel and steel raw material prices involving over 50 long, flat and tube categories in six countries (US, Brazil, Europe, CIS, China, Turkey).
    • Supply Demand: Monthly and YTD updates of crude steel and iron production in over 25 countries and regions, quarterly updates of US steel product demand percentage change (shipments, exports, imports, apparent consumption)
    • Quarterly forecasts, in annual format, of detailed U.S. steel indicators and world steel production and apparent consumption by country
    • Quarterly and annual updates of steel production or shipments by company and individual plant for every plant (over 100) for over 25 US and international companies
    • Quarterly update of EBITDA or operating profit margin for over 100 US and international publish steel, service center and raw material companies, Q1-2014 to date.
  • Metal Business PlannerTM subscription service (over 10 individual including aluminum, alumina-bauxite, nickel, iron ore, lithium, coking and steam coal, etc.):
    • Annual supply, demand and pricing forecasts
    • Updated cost curve charts
    • Demand by major end-use sector
    • Major producers
    • Latest trends and indicators
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Consulting Services

Metal Strategies is designed to be unique among all metals consulting companies in that we operate with over 25 senior partners (eight with PhD's) all of whom have at least 25 years of high-level, real-world experience including senior positions with steel and metals companies, senior manager-level EPC specialists from Flour and Bechtel, Global Steel, metals and Mining Director for Chase Manhattan Bank, metals equity analysts for Wall Street firms, steel and metals R&D directors, top-level consulting engineers, freight logistics directors, human resource directors, PhD-level consulting geologists, steel and metals product specialists, service center purchasing and sales directors and more.
  • Feasibility studies for new steel mills, aluminum mills, other metals processing facilities, and mines of all types (ex, iron ore, nickel, titanium, vanadium, rare earths)
  • Banking and financial due diligence
  • Mergers and acquisitions advisory support
  • Metallurgical plant EPC - Engineering Procurement Construction Due Dilligence and Milestone Management led by former senior Fluor and Bechtel managers
  • Strategic and technical consulting
  • Steel plant and mine cost modeling
  • Ocean bulk shipping, lakes, rail and trucking costs and logistics, and related site selection led by former Tier-I rail freight director
  • Mining geology due diligence with two senior consulting PhD geologists
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Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) Services

Director Michael Hughes, former Director of Fluor Corporation’s Pittsburgh office for steel, aluminum and other metallurgical plant construction operations. We represent owners, financial institutions and contractors.

  • Due Diligence Evaluations of EPC and General Contractor capabilities proposals and plans
  • Independent Engineer Services
  • Construction / Project Schedule Analysis
  • Construction Operations Risk Assessments
  • EPC and General Contractors contract language overview from an engineer’s perspective assessing key issues
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Valuations & Expert Witness

  • Steel, metals and mining appraisals and valuations - fair market, replacement, distress and liquidation, plus EV/EBITDA multiple and DCF assumptions for sales and acquisitions. Recent valuations include Vallourec, Celsa, Timken, Ovako and many others.
  • Experienced lead expert witness (planning strategy, expert report writing, experienced deposition and court testimony) in steel, metals and mining in both jury and arbitration cases involving up to multi-billion dollar legal claims, antitrust, industrial insurance claims, contract disputes, patent infringement cases.
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IoT in the Industrial Sector

Director Dr. Ashok Sabata, Metal Strategies IoT, AI expert, former senior R&D specialist and multi-patent holder with AK Steel (predecessor Armco), and founder of technical hardware and cloud specialist Aginova, Inc.
  • Due Diligence Evaluations of applicability of IoT in steel and metallurgical plants
  • Strategic Consulting of using IoT for products, manufacturing and green field studies
  • Data visualization modeling for Business Managers and Owners to ascertain the value
  • AI and machine learning capability for industrial projects
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